Arrest Information

Manatee County

Todd Drummond

Arrest Information
Full Name: Todd Orin Drummond
Time: 1:26 PM
Personal Information
Arrest Age:50
Current Age: 55
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 09/26/1960
Height: 5'09"
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: BRO
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    STATUTE: 784.03-1A1 ( M)




    yea i have a comment. i spit in my sisters face. but you dont know what that !@#$% did to me. i should have knocked her teeth out. she screwed me out of 10 thousand dollars. and she gave her boyfriend my soc.sec. number. he called FPL. they ran up a bill in my name over 300 dollars. i filed charges on them. the sherriff dept. didnt do a dam thing to them. why didnt the sherriff dept. arrest them? i will tell you why. because my sister gives them all blow jobs. all my sister is, is a gold digging slut. she has had 8 kids from 4 different guys. one of them was a 1 night stand while she was married. and for the record they reduced the charge to simple battery. i got fined. so they let my sister, felica seeley and her boyfriend get away with identity theft which is fraud and a felony, and they arrest me for spitting on her. what does that tell you? you think she has got friends that work for the sheriffs dept.? my sister and her boyfriend took advantage of my kindness and made it my weakness. because i did not want to leave mom with out power. mom was living with them. just because i was nice to my mom, that does not mean that i gave them permission to turn the power on in my name. felicia pulled what they call in my family a{Debbie Turner.] this is whole thing was all about getting revenge on me for kicking her and her kids out of my house that dad left for me. felicia resented me because she was jealous that dad left me the house instead of her.

    08/31/2011 - 10:10

    what has happened to me is the biggest unjustified thing in the world. you son of a !@#$%es put me up on the internet like i am some big time criminal. first of all this is not a big time story that is going to land me on americas most wanted. second i am the victom in this case. and third this is just a piddly misdemeanor charge. i did not shoot anybody with a gun. i DID NOT commit a sex crime. i did not blow up a building with a bomb. it is a piddly misdemeanor. AND IT IS A FAMILY MATTER. AND IT IS NO BODY ELSES DAM BUESINESS! my mom left me as the benificiary of a 10 thousand dollar life insurance policy. unfortunately she became terminally ill with parkinson disease. my sister was my moms power of attorney. she pressured my mom and intiminated her into removing me as the benificiary. so she robbed me of what was going to be my 10 thousand dollars. she also forced mom into cutting me off on financial help. and that partly why i am in the situation im in now. i did not take money from mom because i wanted to. i took it because i had to. now i am on the street and my hypocrit, gold diggin slut sister is doing the same thing she criticised me of doing. she is taking nmoney from mom. my sister used her fagina to make money from child support. from 4 different guys. 8 kids combined. i dont know how she can live with herself. she is a smart !@#$% that broke the law and got away with it. SHE IS SO MUTCH OF A SLUT THAT SHE EVEN TRIED TO HAVE SEX WITH HER OWN SISTERS HUSBAND. HEATHERS NOW EX HUSWBAND MIKE! NOW I WANT TO INFORM ALL YOU SMART !@#$% GIRLS OUT THERE THAT I WAS CLEARED OF THAT ALLEGED CRIME 4 YEARS AGO. THE CHARGE WAS DROPPED AND THAT ARREST 4 YEARS AGO WAS EXPUNGED FROM MY RECORD! I WAS CLEARED! YOU GOT THAT? I AM STRICKLY TALKING TO THE GIRLS OUT THERE THAT ARE SMART !@#$%ES. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. IF YOU ARE A GIRL READING THIS AND YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THE SMART !@#$% GIRLS I AM TALKING ABOUT, THEN DISREGARD THIS BECAUSE THIS DOES NOT PERTAIN TO YOU. FOR THOSE OF YOU GIRLS IT DOES PERTAIN TO-YOU ALL ARE A PILE OF DOG!@#$% AND YOUR MOTHERS ARE DOGS !@#$%ES! AND YOU GOT DOG!@#$% FOR BRAINS! I WOULD NEVER TOUCH ANY OF YOU! NOW TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY I HAD TO GO THREW AN ATTORNEY AND PAY $825 DOLLARS OF MY OWN MONEY TO HAVE THIS ARREST EXPUNGED. EVEN THOUGH I WAS CLEARED OF THE CHARGE I STILL HAD TO PAY $825 DOLLARS OF MY OWN MONEY TO GET THE ARREST OFF MY RECORD. WHAT IS EVEN WORSE ABOUT THIS IS THE MONEY THAT I HAD TO USE FOR THE EXPUNGEMENT, WAS SUPPOSE TO GO TOWARD GETTING MY RV TAGGED AND INSURED. I COULD NOT GET THE RV TAGGED BECAUSE I HAD TO GET THAT DAM ARREST OFF MY RECORD. ULTIMATELY MY RV GOT TOWED. IT WAS IMPOUNDED AND I COULD NOT GET IT BACK. SO ESSENTUALLY I LOST MY HOUSE BECAUSE I HAD TO PAY MONEY FOR A CRIME THAT I DID NOT COMMIT! IS THAT JUSTICE? 1 MORE THING I WILL ADD TO THIS. I AM SPEEKING OF THE BRADENTON POLICE DEPT. THIS POLICE DEPT. THAT ARRESTED ME IS THE SAME POLICE DEPT. THAT HAD 4 OFFICERS RESIGN FOR HAVING SEX WITH A PROSTITUTE. CONVICTED PROSTITUTE DAWN GIPSON. THE BPD HAD A BLACK EYE AND THEY WERE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO BOOST THEIR IMAGE. THEY TRIED TO BOOST THEIR IMAGE AT MY EXPENSE. THEY WRONGULLY ARRESTED ME OVER A BS CHARGE! I AM NOT GOING TO SAY WHAT THE CHARGE WAS BECAUSE IF I DO, IT WOULD DEFEAT THE PURPOSE OF HAVING IT EXPUNGED. THE ONLY THING THAT IS IMPORTANT IS I WAS WRONGFULLY ARRESTED FOR A CRIME I DID NOT COMMIT. AND THE ARREST WAS EXPUNGED FROM MY RECORD. SO ALL OF YOU SMART !@#$%ES OUT THERE CAN KISS MY !@#$%! AND BRADENTON POLICE DEPT., DONT PICK UP ANY MORE PROSTITUTES! IN CLOSING THAT ARREST 4 YEARS AGO IS NOT PUBLIC INFORMATION NOW. ANY INFO PRINTED ABOUT THAT ARREST CAN RESULT IN A LAW SUIT.

    10/27/2012 - 11:52
  • #3 palmetto girl

    sounds gulity Shame on you. You should never abuse people like that. If you did the crime then you should do the time. And our police force in manatee county is the best. Palmetto is a great place to live.Do you even have a job? Or do you live off the state? You need to grow up and act like a man. Maybe you should move out of the state.

    11/03/2012 - 18:45
  • #4 friend of todd

    to whom it concerns: i am a close friend of todd. in response to a stupid comment from someone that doesnt know him on a personal leval. i am going to speek on behalf of him. first of all you asked him if he has a job or does he live off the state? i am !@#$%uming you are refuring to unemployment pay. when it comes to unemployment benefits people are not given hand outs. they get it because they worked enough for a certain period of time to qualify for it. nothing is just given to someone. todd got unemployment pay because he worked enough to earn it! second todd has gone out on a limb to to find work. how many people do you know would walk all the way to lorraine road in lakewood ranch from 26th ave. in east bradenton to go to work? would you do it? hell no wouldnt! third: when you said he needs to grow up, let me tell you something, when you have everything in your life taken away from you and you are out on the street, you will find out what growing up is all about! when you said grow up you should have said throw up! he should puke on his sisters face after what she did to him. the man is 50 some years old. he has more than paid his dues in this world. he doesnt owe anybody anything in this world. he doesnt have to prove anything to anybody in this world. he has probably worked more in 1 week than you have all your life! and finally 2 more things. 4: you stated we have a fine police force in manatee county. he wasnt talking about the whole county. he was specifically the bradenton police dept. that is B-R-A-D-E-N-T-O-N, bradenton police, not palmetto. you need to do your research because everything that todd said about the bradenton police dept. is true. it is a fact! research it on the internet. 4 bradenton police officers were forced to resign for having sex with a convicted prostitute. the BPD had a black bad reputation and they were looking for some way to inhance their image. it is va fact! check it out on the internet! todd was wrongfully accused a crime he didnt commit. he was wrongfully arrested. and finally 5: you stated if you do the crime you do the time. well the same can be said for his sister. what she did to him is a 100 times worse than what he did to her. i dont blame him for what he did to her. his sister is the one that should have been arrested! she got away with identity theft. that is a felony. you want to talk about you do the crime you do the time? identity theft is fraud! she is the one that is the real criminal. todd was the victom! you need to find out all the facts! wake up and smell the coffee! if you think todd is guilty that is just your stupid opinion. all americans have opinions. that is why some americans voted for obama and some idiots voted for romney. does todds innocence or guilt hinge on your opinion? did president obamas re-election hinged on romney voters? take note dumb ---. do your research.

    11/07/2012 - 12:22
  • #5 Palmetto girl

    Sorry! I should have be more understanding . I am sorry if I hurt anybody's feelings . Your right I should have Checked my resource better. I think I was told a lot of false information from my friend . I will know better next time. Hopefully Todd and yourself will accept my apology . I will not listen to rumors . Most are just a bunch of BS.

    11/07/2012 - 16:44
  • #6 barackwearmichellepanties

    inquiring minds gotta know so is u guilty or not

    11/08/2012 - 18:36
  • #7 travis

    ex co-worker on the spitting incident he is. who could blame him after what his sister did to him? but i dont think he should have lost his concealed weapons permit for that. on the incident that was expunged,- no.

    11/14/2012 - 18:04
  • #8 Concerned mother and citizen

    He looks scary! Has he been in jail a lot ? And what was the other charges he supposedly didn't do? Iam just concerned for everybodys safety in the area. And you said something about him carrying a gun. Oh goodness! Hopefully everything is going to be ok. Should I worry??

    11/14/2012 - 23:38
  • #9 anonymous tip

    a close friend i will only tell you what i am allowed to tell you. 2 things. first any information on an arrest that has been expunged or sealed can not be revealed. because it is not public information. second this is how the justice system works. unless their is physical evidence to link a person to a crime it is not always easy to file charges on a person. physical evidence is video tape,finger prints,hair fibers, blood spots that are tested for DNA. their was no physical evidence. the second step in determining if their is enough evidence to file charges is eye witnesses. a lot depends on how many witnesses their is and the credibility of the witness or witnesses. in this case their was only 1 witness. so every thing hinged on the witnesses story. the witness did not have good credibility or enough credibility. the witness was also determined mentally incompetent. they cant go around arresting someone every time someone cries wolf. or every time someone claims an individual did something. if they did they would be opening up a can of worms. then they would be arresting everybody. if you want to get rite down to it, anybody could say anything about anybody. people say they wish the justice system would do things differently. be careful what you wish for. you might get it. you might have a dispute with someone. maybe a neighbor. maybe an ex-boyfriend. the dispute could escalate and turn real ugly. the next thing you know the person you had a dispute with with says you did something to him or you stole or destroyed property. if the justice system would have you charged simply because someone else said you did something, BOOM you are in jail. they would be opening up a can of worms. i am sure you know about the man that spent 25 years in prison for a rape crime he did not commit. they based everything on what the woman said. 25 years later they did a DNA test on him and they found out he did not do it. the poor man spent 25 years of his life in prison for something he did not do. i am just making a point. that case has nothing to do with Todds case, Todds case is different from this one. but the same principle on eye witness testimony applies. you can not base everything on what a witness says. now i am going to tell you this much about Todd as a person. he maybe weird, but he is not stupid. this guy was robbed in the past by 2 black guys. and this is no racial thing. im just stating a fact. Todd got robbed by 2 black guys in the past. in the past he bought a gun. but he could not legally carry a gun because he did not have a concealed weapons permit. Todd paid money and attended school to get the training and the license to legally carry the gun. he was approved by the state to get the license. first you have to be checked out on a national background check by both the FBI and the Florida department of law enforcement. a person that is a convicted felon or sex offender will not qualify for a CWP. their not going to mail that kind of license to wrong person. Todd was waiting to get a concealed weapons permit mailed to him. as i stated before, Todd maybe weird but he is not crazy. something about that story just does not add up. why would a guy that is 48 years old, that is trying to get a license to carry a firearm commit a crime in public, and an insane crime rite down the road from the police station? what is wrong with this picture? i will tell you. and i know this for a fact. many police officers hate Todds guts and i will tell you why. it is not because Todd commited a crime. it isnt because Todd did something bad. this is why many police hate Todd, many years ago when Todd was in his late teens, early twenties Todd a run in with a former police officer in Palmetto. since then he went to work for the manatee county sheriffs department and since then i believe he has moved on to work some place else. but anyway this is a true story. if you want to research it, go rite on ahead. the officers name was Gilliam. 1 day many years ago when he was still a Palmetto cop he was driving a white station wagon in Bradenton. this was when he was off duty. he drove his car to the corner of 53rd ave and 14th street. todd was parked at the red light on 53rd ave going west. Gilliam turned off of 14th street and turned left onto 53rd ave. as Gilliam rode past todd he yelled out f--- you. todd was young and stupid back then. but he later grew older and wiser. when todd yelled the cuss word to Gilliam he stopped his car. Gilliam ran to todds car and threatened to drag him out of the car and physically beat him up. nothing else happened other than Gilliam returning back to his car and driving off. todd later told his next door neighbor who was also that he had a gun with him during the incident with Gilliam. todd told the cop that was his next door neighbor to tell Gilliam if he would have attacked him, he would have shot him in self defense. Gilliam took that as a threat on his life. and from that point on Gilliam held a vendetta against todd. it is no secret that all police officers talk to each other and share stories with each other. over the years Gilliam told officers that worked for the manatee sheriffs department and the bradenton police department. and eventually word spread out to the sarasota police. their is a bond officers from different police departments. they consider each other as brothers. if a person has a problem with 1 police officer, he better get out of the area because chances are he is gonna have a problem with all police officers. todd never saw Gilliam again for years after that but went on a tirade and told as many cops about the incident as possible. so before todd knew it he had all kinds of cops targeting him. pulling him over. har!@#$%ing him. todd had a bulls eye on him and perhaps he still does. even after all these years. Gilliam told people stories about him to turn people against him. that is why so many police hate todds guts. it isnt because todd comited a crime. it aint because he did something wrong. it is because police think that he threatened to kill a police officer. and its time society learns then truth. now concluding this info about todd Gilliam found out that todd was trying to get a concealed weapons permit. most likely he tried to do anything and everything he could to stop todd from getting one. in all probability Gilliam informed the rest of the police. it was their mission to do what ever it took to stop todd from getting a concealed weapons permit. no matter what they had to do. now here is the clincher! todd was issued a concealed weapons permit from Tallah!@#$%ee. it was on its way to todd in the mail. GUESS WHAT? HE GOT ARRESTED 1 DAY BEFORE HE WAS ISSUED THE LICENSE! I WONDER HOW THAT HAPPENED? THIS IS A TRUE STORY. DO YOUR RESEARCH. INVESTIGATE IT. DO YOU THINK THEIR MIGHT HAVE BEEN REASONABLE DOUBT? DO YOU THINK PROVIDING WHEN YOU INVESTIGATE AND FIND OUT THIS STORY IS TRUE, THAT THE POLICE STAGED THIS ARREST?

    11/19/2012 - 13:14
  • #10 Just surfing the web.

    Is he locked up now somewhere? Just read this while I was surfing the web. It seems like everybody is talking but him. Is he in jail now or is he even still alive . If he is maybe he should defend himself. Instead of everyone else talking. Maybe he's homeless or something . Times are tuff out on the street.

    11/21/2012 - 09:27
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